"We invest capital and access to our e-com factory."

We invest access to our e-commerce factory including people, experience, systems, workflow etc. A project could run over two or three years during which we run key functions and ensure rapid growth. We also build up the companies competence in key functions based on our expertise.

When we invest we look for…

…large market opportunity
…strong management or entrepreneur
…an unsatisfactory customer experience off-line
…barriers to entry like a complex value chain or defensive suppliers

The plug-in/plug-out process

During the first phase of our investment, we strengthen the company with competence and resources in key functions. However, as time goes on, we work hard on building the companys own abilities and people, so that the ’nestling’ will be ready to fly on its own wings when the time come. We call it the ’plug-in / plug-out’ process.

  • We invest in, develop and run early stage ecommerce.

  • We belive that great people create greater companies.

  • We match entrepreneurs with our ecommerce factory.