• Founded 1994, part of Nordic Etail since 2012

  • Largest online bicycle retailer in Sweden

  • Set for rapid growth

Scandinavias largest online bicycle retailer

Cykelkraft started out as a bikeshop in a Stockholm suburb in the nineties. As online retail grew, Cykelkraft made an attempt to sell online, and got a small share of the market. Since Nordic Etail acquired the company in 2012, the online part has been developed and sales grow rapidly.

Cykelkraft is the largest Scandinavian cycle retailer online today, with a wide range of brands, accessories clothing and spareparts. The positioning is that of a bike specialist, and the aim is to give better help and more information so the customer can make the right decisions. Bikes are sold ”mounted, tested and ready”.

Profitability is boosted by high quality own brands that can be sold at lower prices and higher margins.

"A full range of bicycles, bike parts and accessories."

Christoffer Tyrefors
VD på Cykelkraft.se

Meet Christoffer Tyrefors

Christoffer Tyrefors has 10+ years experience within e-commerce. Christoffer is not only great at e-commerce, he has been a proffesional poker player for many years and he’s often referred as the mathematician in e-commerce circuits. His experience, fast thinking and strategic decisions has been proven to be a good recipee for a successfull e-commerce. With Christoffers as CEO, Cykelkraft has grown from 10 million SEK in revenue to 140+ million SEK in just three years.