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Gårdssällskapet organic meat delivered to your door

Gårdssällskapet offers customers in the Stockholm area organic meat from farms in nearby. The business idea is simple: meat from animals have lived well and had a natural growth in an environmentally friendly manner. The company sells both beef, pork and lamb.

When you are buying your meat from Gårdssällskapet you get the finest quality meat and you know that the animals have had high standard of living.

Always free home delivery within Stockholm!

Björn, Kenny & Petter
Founders - Gårdssällskapet

By choosing organic meat we can make difference

If everyone starts to think about what kind of food we buy, we could make sure that we eat better. But that’s not all of it, we can also make sure that the animals we’re eating have had high standard of living.  That’s something we value high at Gårdssällskapet.