• We invest in, develop and run early stage ecommerce

  • We belive that great people create greater companies

  • We match entrepreneurs with our ecommerce factory

Who we are

Nordic Etail invest in and run early stage e-commerce. We enable faster growth and scale through giving smaller companies access to systems, knowledge and people that much larger companies can afford. Would you say no to accellerated growth through the best e-commerce expertise the market has to offer?

"We really get involved in the details. We're acting like founders and we're working with the team."

Fredrik Åhlen, Christoffer Tyrefors, Alexander Olsson, Björn Malmqvist, Kenny von Walden, Petter Olander och Marcus Fredriksson

Meet our heroes

”The CEO’s in our portfolio companies are all entrepreneurs with a strong passion for e-commerce. They are all consumed by the idea that ALL commerce will go digital in some form in the future.. And they are all working hard to make that happen.”

Great people create greater companies

Good decisions can come from anywhere. At Nordic Etail we work as a team not as a bunch of individuals. Having great fun together is a part of our culture and that makes us great collaborators that can be effective in our daily work.

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